best weed for anxiety There is nothing more frustrating than coughing up a lung every time you take a hit. Most of us never receive a formal lesson in how to correctly inhale but, as cannabis enthusiasts, we’re here to help!

We have tried literally dozens of techniques to find out how to best hit a bong or take a pull off a joint without coughing. Regardless of how you prefer to consume, we’ll help you learn to smoke without coughing. Everyone wants to take smooth, potent hits and exhale calmly like you know what you’re doing — learn how here.

  1. Grind First

You may already know this, but how the cannabis is ground is key to the quality of your smoking experience, whether you choose a bong or a blunt or a vape. Using a grinder is imperative because it ensures an even, fine grind, which in turn makes for a smooth-burning bowl with good airflow that avoids “hot spots” or clogs.  Even the most diligent of manual breaker-uppers could benefit from a good quality herb grinder.

2. Slow and Steady, like Yoga

You do not need to inhale with any amount of force, pace, or aggression. The gentlest inhalation will draw the smoke into your lungs. Think of the breaths you’ve experienced in yoga class, meditation, or prayer. Let the smoke fill your lungs slowly and gently, milking the bong until you’re ready to clear it.

3. Add Fresh Oxygen

It is crucial to inject fresh oxygen into your lungs along with the smoke. If you’re smoking a joint, spliff, blunt or vaporizer (or any other piece that does not have a carb), be sure to draw the smoke into your mouth first and then take it into your lungs along with a breath of fresh air. Alternatively, if smoking a bong or pipe (or anything else with a carb), be sure to leave some lung capacity before pulling the bowl or releasing the carb, which introduces fresh air into the hit. This fresh oxygen will cool your lungs down and re-oxygenate your body in conjunction with the delivery of cannabinoids.

4. Don’t Hold it

Many people try to hold the smoke in their lungs, thinking they need to “give it time to work.” While holding it is a deeply held belief by some people, this idea is completely false. You don’t need to hold the smoke in. The second you inhale, the cannabinoids are absorbed by your body. That increased “rush” felt by people who hold their hits is due to oxygen deprivation, not improved absorption of THC. Breathe it in, and breathe it out. best weed for anxiety

5. Release at the Same Pace

Allow your exhale to occur as softly and gently as your inhale. Without the added pressure of holding the smoke down, you should find that you have more control over your exhale. You can practice this calm breathing sequence before your next smoke, and let us know how it worked for you!

In our experience, the people that struggle especially with coughing are doing one of two things:  they’re either holding the smoke in too long, or they’re failing to introduce fresh oxygen with each smoke-filled hit.

Keep in mind, the above tips also apply to smoking CBD-rich strains. While they won’t get you “high” like cannabis flower, raw organic hemp flower can provide potent, fast-acting relief from a variety of symptoms in a full-spectrum, whole-plant format that’s familiar to cannabis consumers.

We like Canna Comforts‘ collection of boutique organic hemp flower strains inspired by top-shelf marijuana strains. Their flower is effective, non-GMO, organically and sustainably grown, and batch-tested for quality, purity, and potency – and it smokes beautifully best weed for anxiety

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